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Submit your story of fertility treatment abroad

Submit your story of fertility treatment abroad

We are interested in gathering patient stories from people who have decided to travel for fertility treatment in another country. We are keen to incorporate “real life” experiences of people who have travelled abroad for treatment. Other people considering this option want to know what it was like for others  - was the treatment a success, what did they think of the clinic, why did they choose to go abroad and so on.

We can publish a patient story on an anonymous basis e.g. “Mr and Mrs A from London” or we can include your real name and a photograph, if that is acceptable.

We often get requests from the media who are writing about “fertility tourism”, so it’s always useful to put journalists in touch with  real patients who are willing to speak about their experience (both good and bad!).


Want to provide a patient story?

If you are happy to provide a patient story, please download this form and return it to us at Fertility Treatment Abroad.

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