IVF Success on 1st Try in Athens

Heidi’s baby girl was conceived via IVF treatment on her first try at EmBIO Medical Center in Athens, Greece. “From all the Greek IVF clinics I went through browsing on the internet, EmBIO was the best. The communication was very good. I got answers as soon as possible, unlike other IVF centers where everything takes time, and the doctor is not around. I can recommend EmBIO for their professionalism. From close up, the clinic is very modern. Dr. Paraschos is a doer. He does it. He knows his job. When it comes to IVF, the result is most important.” Number of Embryos Transferred “First of all, according to the fertility law in Switzerland, you are not allowed to transfer more than two embryos. My husband and I wanted to try with three embryos. We knew that the fertility regulations in Greece allow three embryos transferred. There’s another limitation, too. In Switzerland the embryos must be transferred not later than 48 hours. In Greece the embryo transfer is permitted after the 48 hours, so you can transfer embryos of better quality, and have better chances. The embryo transfer was done by Dr. Paraschos himself, and was completely painless. You do not feel anything at all.” Embryo Cryopreservation “Also, in Switzerland storage of embryos is not allowed. In Greece, it is, and at EmBIO we could have cryopreservation. We were lucky and conceived the first time. But if we hadn’t, we could use the preserved embryos and try a second time.” Lower IVF Cost “The cost you have to pay in Switzerland for an ivf treatment is quite high. So you pay a lot of money, but you may not have success. IVF success rates in Switzerland are not very high. This is why a lot of Swiss people are going abroad, after having tried two or three times without success. We tried with Dr. Paraschos at EmBIO with lower cost, and I got pregnant on the first attempt.” IVF Drugs “There was no difficulty getting the ivf drugs in Switzerland. You just have to order them at your chemist’s and wait for about two days.” Time needed in Athens for the IVF treatment “One week would have been OK, buy we wanted to see Greece. So we had arranged for more days, to have our holidays there, too. We went to the Acropolis. I was amazed with the number of olive trees I saw in Greece. And we went swimming around Athens. Taxi transport was very cheap, so you can go anywhere, no problem. At EmBIO for the couple’s second baby, too Heidi will try again next July for a second baby with her own eggs, at EmBIO Medical Center, with the help of Dr. Paraschos. Both she and her husband have children from their previous marriages, “but we want another child together.”

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