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Jinemed Health Group

Jinemed is the first Gynecology and IVF center of Istanbul , founded in 1989. Since 2005 , Jinemed

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Fertility treatment - rules and regulations

Fertility treatment in Turkey is regulated by statute and has strict rules that limit availability. Surrogacy and IVF with donor eggs or sperm is not available. Married couples can access a wide range of treatments using their own gametes at very competitive prices in clinics with good facilities.

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The healthcare system in Turkey

Turkish fertility specialists have usually spent some time working in European or US clinics and are usually certified in another country as well as holding a specialist IVF certificate from Turkey. They should also have membership of ESHRE, the European Society of Human Reproductive Endocrinology.

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A country that straddles Europe and Asia, Turkey has been a popular holiday destination for several years. It has long stretches of beautiful coastline, many heritage and historical sites of international interest, and the cities of Istanbul and Izmir.

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