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India is one of the most established and popular destinations for fertility treatment abroad. Clinics throughout India are well established and have high standards; relaxed regulations allow treatments for women up to 55, and for singles and same-sex couples. Surrogacy is also available.

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The healthcare system in India

India has one of the largest and fastest growing private health sectors in the world. Its private hospitals are modern with all of the latest technology and facilities and the hundreds of private fertility clinics in the country are no exception. India also has some of the most relaxed regulations on fertility treatment and has been attracting medical tourists for many years. Surrogacy is possible here, as is pre-implantation diagnosis for genetic diseases.

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India is a huge and populous Asian country that features a tropical coastal region, arid deserts and some of the highest mountains in the world. Over a billion people live in India and some of its 28 regions still have the highest birth rates, with 100 000 births every month in one part of Utter Pradesh alone. Some parts of the country experience significant poverty and high rates of infant mortality, which is an uncomfortable contrast to the high-class facilities provided by its private hospitals and fertility clinics, which mainly target the foreign market.

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