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Dealing with a medical tourism agency

Dealing with a medical tourism agency for fertility treatment abroad

Many couples choose to deal with a medical tourism agency when seeking fertility treatment abroad, rather than making their own arrangements, simply because such agencies are experts at what they do. If you choose a reputable medical tourism agency that has helped many hundreds of couples just like you to find the ideal fertility clinic abroad, you should find they are an enormous help.

To get the maximum benefit out of dealing with a medical tourism agency, it is important to understand the services they offer and to use those services to the full.

A medical tourism agency – more than just a travel agent

The benefits of using a medical tourism agency go far beyond those you get when dealing with an ordinary travel agent. Along with all their travel expertise, you will be able to access some medical advice, gained from their extensive experience of fertility clinics abroad. Many also have special relationships and price promotions with selected clinics and, crucially, back up if anything goes wrong. You should always ask what services are provided before choosing your medical tourism agency.

The reassurance of experience when opting for fertility treatment abroad

Dealing with a medical tourism agency means dealing with people who know a great deal about fertility treatment abroad. They will have vast experience of different fertility clinics, and will be able to recommend one that has a particularly good reputation for your chosen treatment.

Medical tourism agencies only deal with the best clinics with the highest success rates, and will normally have visited the clinics and checked their credentials and the qualifications and expertise of their medical staff. They will also have feedback from their own customers who have been treated there. There is no substitute for this kind of first-hand experience, and dealing with a medical tourism agency will give you an insight that no brochure or website ever could.

Explaining your requirements to the medical tourism agency

The most important advice when dealing with a medical tourism agency is to be upfront and honest about what you want from your fertility treatment, your clinic and your trip as a whole. A medical tourism agency can put together the exact package you want, and the more precise you can be about your requirements, the more likely it is that the trip will match your expectations.

Getting the best deal with fertility treatment abroad

By dealing with a medical tourism agency, fertility clinics are able to procure high quality, well-organised and regular business from new clients, so it is in their interests to provide agencies with the best possible prices. You may not get such a good deal if you approach a fertility clinic directly.

Agencies will also get discounts for buying flights and accommodation in bulk, as well as special deals on tours and other activities in the area. Dealing with a medical tourism agency can therefore cut the costs of infertility treatment abroad considerably compared to arranging everything yourself.

Combining fertility treatment with a holiday

Many couples combine their fertility treatment abroad with a holiday break, and a medical tourism agency can really enhance this aspect of your trip. Many agencies will have local knowledge and will be able to advise you on the local sights and attractions, and even arrange trips for you in advance at discount rates. Some medical tourism agencies even include access to concierge services while you are away, with a locally based representative to take care of your every need.

How can a medical tourism agency help if things go wrong?

Perhaps the most reassuring aspect of dealing with a medical tourism agency is knowing you have back up and support if anything goes wrong. Having a local representative who speaks your language can be a great help in the event of a dispute with your clinic, and in severe cases where there is a medical emergency, their local knowledge and contacts can be invaluable.

Many agencies will include special insurance for medical travel as part of their package, and some may even be able to offer fertility treatment insurance that gives you a partial refund if your treatment is unsuccessful.

Choosing the right infertility clinic from over 3,000 available worldwide, and assembling the perfect package for your trip, is not an easy thing to do on your own, especially with all the added emotional pressure and stress of actually having fertility treatment. Leaving much of the organisation up to a medical tourism agency leaves you free to concentrate on your own wellbeing, knowing that experienced professionals have all the practicalities under control.

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